CELL is an eco-citizen movement with a mission of to imagine and implement concrete and attainable solutions to the climate crisis and societal challenges.

CELL’s works to co-construct a transition for all through a profound transformation of our social model. Our efforts focus on:

  1. Carrying the transition movement in Luxembourg
  2. Contribute to climat policy in Luxembourg
  3. Set in motion citizen engagement as part of the Pacte Climat 2.0
  4. Facilitate on-the-ground climate action

The transition movement is an evolution towards a new economic and social model that provides a global and sustainable solutions to major environmental challenges and threats facing our planet.

Operating at all levels, the ecological transition aims to establish a resilient and sustainable development model that rethinks the way we consume, produce, work and live together. This movement covers a number of sectors: food, the economy, energy, governance, education, health, territories, etc.

Where are you in your ecological transition?