CELL, the association that carries the Transition Movement in Luxembourg, brings together initiatives committed to social, ecological and economic change. It aims to make Luxembourg society less dependent on fossil fuels, more supportive and capable to respond to climate change and the challenges it poses.

Some examples of citizen projects that are realised on a local level:

  • Within the framework of the Climate Pact, CELL is committed to a greater participation of citizens and municipalities in the Energy and Citizen Transition and to develop know-how to live well in a post-carbon and resilient society.
  • Based on participatory collective approaches, the REconomy project aims to transform our local economy, making it more vibrant and robust and launching projects rooted in the well-being of the community.
  • The TM EnerCoop energy cooperative was created in 2013 to produce green energy from local savings, while involving citizens and municipalities.
  • The Äerdschëff is a project for the co-construction of an off-grid (grid independent) building that is being built in Redange using natural and recycled materials. It produces and manages its own resources for water, sewage, electricity, heating and food.
  • The food transition implies a change of habits in production, processing, distribution and consumption towards more vegetal, organic, local and seasonal.
  • Urban gardening puts at the centre a voluntary approach to re-appropriate the production cycle of our fruits and vegetables, and involves the exchange of knowledge between inhabitants in the framework of community gardens in the heart of the city.
  • The Maison de la Transition in Esch is a space for co-constructing a sustainable and inclusive future, with a citizen café, practical workshops, a support centre for social and sustainable projects and a bar-resto-shop.
  • Earth our Garden aims to bring residents and migrants together in the framework of intercultural gardens, with participative workshops, training in ecology and moments of sharing and conviviality.
  • TERRA, launched in 2014 as a cooperative, this first AMAP (Association pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne) in Luxembourg is a solidarity agriculture project and an agro-ecological centre. It produces organic and local vegetables for ca. 150 families.