Challenge № 1 February | « Check your information »

Do you know anything about fake news? No, not a yelling orange man! I’m talking about information that spreads faster than the light, and which is often completely false. 

This week, the challenge is to get into good habits by giving yourself the tools to fight these fake news. 

Several tracks, to be combined:

  • finding the source of the information:
    • If it’s not indicated, a little red light should go on in your head! 
    • Don’t you know it? A quick search on your search engine to see what it’s about (example: “deforestation is not so bad, we’re replanting a lot of trees” published by a trust 80% owned by a Brazilian palm oil producer… it smells bad, doesn’t it?)
  • cross-check the sources! If a news item appeals to you, shocks you, saddens you, makes you happy or angry… research it to read other points of view.
  • always read an entire article before sharing it (you’d be surprised how many people don’t). you don’t have time to read it? Then it’s not worth sharing.

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