Challenge № 1 November | « Repair instead of buying »

Have you heard of programmed obsolescence? It’s what makes your printer designed to print X pages and not one more, your phone doesn’t work after two years, and your washing machine will never last as long as the one your grandparents had.

Isn’t it ugly? It costs you more money, it costs the planet more resources, and we’re talking about things that aren’t necessarily made under good conditions.

So we’re going to tackle this problem. In addition to buying more durable products made under better conditions, let’s talk about repairs.

We are often afraid of not knowing how to do it, but there are a lot of resources available online and offline.

Apart from covid, repair cafés are a great way to meet neighbours who are full of skills to help you repair your objects and clothes.

But alone at home, you can learn a lot too:

  • The website specialises in electronics and explains in French, German and English how to repair your appliances.
  • Youtube is an inexhaustible mine of tutorials: type in the name of your device and the keyword “repair” or “tuto” and you’re sure to find nuggets!

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