Challenge № 1 October | « One month without meat »

In October we are in the kitchen. Let’s talk about food! 

Food has a key role to play in the development of a fairer model of society. On our plates, there is often a concentrate of inequality: that steak served with rice may have been fed with GMO soya from the deforestation of the Amazon, raised on antibiotics by an exploited peasant farmer and then have travelled more than you have done on holiday for the last 10 years before ending up in your supermarket!

According to TNS Ilres, in 2018, 18% of residents said they were flexitarian and 2% were vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian and vegan respectively. Imagine how we would reduce our collective impact if everyone was flexi, vegetarian or vegan?

So this month, we offer you a test: a month without meat. No, no, don’t leave us here! Meat is the food with the highest carbon footprint. Its production has a huge impact on deforestation: 1kg of beef requires 7kg of soya… that makes for quite some tofu skewers! For comparison, a 150 gram beef steak has a carbon footprint of about 5.3kg, while a lentil steak of the same weight has a carbon footprint of… 91 grams!

So, for a month, we invite you to discover another cuisine, one that is more environmentally friendly, but no less tasty. And who knows, maybe it will make you want to reduce your consumption in the long term?

A month without meat is too much for you? Adapt according to your habits! If you eat meat once a day, switch to once a week for example.

Are you already a vegetarian? Share your knowledge, your tips, … to help others in their transition!

On ne va pas vous laisser comme ça sans ressources pour vous aider!