Challenge № 2 May

Challenge № 2 May | « Recycle your organic waste! »

This week, we’re switching to compost! Composting means reducing your waste by an average of 30%, taking out the bin less often and giving back to the earth what is supposed to be there. Compost is an excellent contribution to the garden, as is the “tea” produced by earthworms.

If you have a garden, private compost is an option: there is a tutorial here:,2552.html

If you don’t have one, a worm compost bin is a great way to go (no, it doesn’t smell!). Plus, you quickly get attached to these funny pets (all the answers to your questions here:

Our favourite idea is the neighbourhood composter, shared by the residents! They are often found in community gardens, but check with your local council to see if they already exist (or how to set one up if they don’t). 

The principle is very simple: you keep your kitchen waste in a bucket, and when it is full you take it to the composter. Once in a while, everyone has a picnic and turns the compost!