Challenge № 2 October | « Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables. »

Seasonality is disappearing from our habits: all year round we have beautiful red tomatoes, well graded and plump on the supermarket shelves.

There is nothing natural about this abundance. Tomatoes (and other fruits and vegetables) grow at a specific time of the year. When you eat a tomato in winter, it comes either from heated greenhouses or from the other side of the world. It doesn’t make much sense to eat a tomato that has grown in these conditions, does it? 

What’s more, when you eat in season, you eat more local food: the spinach that comes from the field 5km away from you is eaten fresh, still full of all its vitamins and minerals, and you help relocate food production. Which is quite important, when you know that Luxembourg only produces 1% of the fruit and vegetables it consumes.

Where can you find seasonal fruit and vegetables? The supply is growing and is waiting for you to support it: AMAP (TERRA), small producers (direct, on the market, at Ouni or Altercoop…). You will discover a large part of the local initiatives at the alternative food market, organised by SOS faim in partnership with the Transition Days on October 18th at Carré.

You can download a seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar in German and French here:

From this week on, let’s turn our attention to the cooking of seasonal fruits and vegetables!

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