Défi n° 2 novembre | « Creating a local borrowing network »

Have you ever wanted to make yourself a raclette and ended up buying a machine that now sleeps in your cupboard as you rarely use it? Have you ever needed a drill to install a single shelf in your home? 

Why not share all these items? Just because the health situation is difficult doesn’t mean we should forget about helping each other. By respecting the sanitary measures, let’s set up a network for sharing objects!

Sharing our belongings means earning money, saving space and meeting our neighbours. Above all, it means not contributing to the production of many objects that will only be used a few times. With the money you save, if you need a drill, you can invest in a quality machine that will last longer… even if you lend it to the whole neighbourhood!

Initiatives already exist to set this up: dingdong.lu is a platform where you can find out what you can share and search for what you need.

There are other sharing sites, facebook self-help groups, your local Transition group will be happy to talk to you… or you can just ring the bell at your neighbours’!

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