Challenge № 4 October

Challenge № 4 October | « Reduce the waste in your kitchen »

Do you know the overflowing bin in the kitchen that needs to be changed all the time? The one that smells bad and fills up like magic? 

This week, we’re tackling that bin. 

Did you know that about 30% of kitchen waste is organic waste that could be composted? If you have a garden, composting in heaps with a few simple rules can be a good place to start. If you don’t have one, share the compost! You can find them in many neighbourhoods and community gardens. Vermicomposting can also be done in a kitchen corner (and no, it doesn’t smell bad!).

Packaging is another important source of kitchen waste. But do we really need all that plastic? Bulk trade is developing more and more in Luxembourg: Ouni in town and in Dudelange, Naturata, even some supermarkets! And think about returnable drinks: sparkling water, fruit juice and beer taste much better when they don’t come in single-use plastic bottles.

Finally, another tip that joins the end of the food waste we started last week: cooking the parts of fruit and vegetables that we remove by reflex. Cherry stalks, cucumber skins… did you know that you can make an excellent cake from banana skins (organic!)?