Challenge № 5 March | « Organise your holidays ‘low-carbon’ »

The end of March is here, and we all want to get away for a while. Holidays are one of the most important pollution items, especially in rich countries like Luxembourg.

So our last challenge of March is to plan a holiday. It could be your summer holiday or a relaxing weekend: the idea is to plan a green holiday. 

How do we do this? 

  • don’t fly: the train can take you to most of Europe comfortably, as can the bus
  • you don’t have to travel so far! Nearby you will find cultural, architectural and natural wonders. For example, in Useldange you can sleep in eco-lodges shaped like mushrooms, the city of Trier offers magnificent historical and cultural visits… and not far away on the other side of the border is Strasbourg with its charming districts, its museums and its numerous bicycle paths. But did you know that Luxembourg has direct train connections to go further afield? You can leave in the morning for Lyon and be there for lunch (and the gastronomy of Lyon is worth a visit!)
  • favour accommodation with local people or with low impact: gites, camping on a farm, eco-lodges…
  • on the spot, don’t plan any activity that requires a motor: snorkeling rather than jet-skiing, tree climbing rather than motorbike, visiting on foot rather than taking a crowded sightseeing bus…

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