Challenge № 1 April | « One month without buying new clothes! »

This month we are in the bathroom: we are going to talk about water, care products and clothes. 

Our first challenge will be not to buy any new clothes all month! It’s not very difficult: if you really need something, you can always buy it in a second hand shop (Pilea, Lena, pardon my closet…). If you can’t find it, write it down carefully and keep looking for it for a month: most of the time, you’ll realise that you didn’t need it or you’ll find it in a second hand shop during that time.

You can also take the challenge further by sorting through your wardrobe (especially if you thought “too easy, I never buy clothes!”): anything you haven’t worn in a year, that you don’t like anymore or that doesn’t fit anymore can be used by other people if it’s in good condition. Don’t hesitate to go and make a donation, to the Red Cross or to Benu for example. 

Damaged clothes don’t go in the garbage either, but in the textile recycling bins.

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