Challenge September | “I measure my ecological footprint.”

In September, we propose to lay the foundations for the next 9 months together. This year, we are going to talk about resilience, and this theme has never been more necessary!

This month we propose only one thing to do, but we invite you to do it consciously and to take it as a basis for the challenges we will propose until June 2021.

In September, let’s calculate our ecological footprint with the help of the global footprint tool (available in English, French and German). This tool proposes to calculate how many planets would be needed if everyone lived like us – a good basis to answer the question “How to live together in a one planet world?”

For reference, if everyone lived like people in Luxembourg do, 8 planets would be needed…

To access the calculator, click here:

The purpose of this test is not to hold a competition, but to realise that no matter how green we are in our everyday lives, our individual footprint is often huge. The solution is not only at the individual level, and this will be explored over the next 9 months. But throughout the programme, we will be proposing an individual action each week to make a difference on our very personal level.

To go further :

  • One notion sums up the collective impact of countries by taking into account the collective dimensions of this impact: overshoot day. This notion refers to the day when, if the whole of humanity lived like the inhabitants of a given country, a single planet would no longer be enough to sustain human beings. For Luxembourg, this sad anniversary fell on 16 February in 2020.
  • The global footprint network offers a map of solutions: Do you know one that is not on the map? Add it!
  • Stay connected to the challenges! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’ll find ideas to implement at your own pace. Do we retake the test at the end of the year?”

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