Challenge № 2 May

This week, we’re switching to compost! Composting means reducing your waste by an average of 30%, taking out the bin less often and giving back to the earth what is supposed to be there. Compost is an excellent contribution to the garden, as is the “tea” produced by earthworms.

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Challenge № 4 March

Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been suggesting that you abandon the car for more gentle and/or shared mobility. Our aim has not escaped you: to encourage you to discover your neighbourhood, even if it means getting a bit lost sometimes. What did you discover? A bit of sad grass, a little corner to read, a passage that lacks flowers, a wall that is sad in its whiteness?

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Challenge September

Challenge September | “I measure my ecological footprint.” In September, we propose to lay the foundations for the next 9 months together. This year, we are going to talk about resilience, and this theme has never been more necessary! This month we propose only one thing to do, but we invite you to do it…

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