Challenge № 3 October | « Reduce your food waste »

In Luxembourg, each citizen throws away an average of 124 kilos of food per year. That’s a lot, isn’t it? 

How can this waste be avoided? There are several ways, and the good news is that they will save us time and money. 

  • Cooking leftovers instead of throwing them away: there’s one potato left? In the soup! A single piece of cheese? In the sauce! Half a lemon? In lemonade!
  • Make menus and shopping lists and stick to them: if you know before you go shopping how many bananas you need before the next errands, you’re less likely to see them rot in your fruit basket.
  • Finish what you have at home before going back to the store.
  • Regularly rotate the dry goods in the cupboards (we don’t want to lose that packet of rice we bought in 1998, do we?)
  • Trust your sense of smell and taste! Best Before Dates are often only informative. A yoghurt that still smells the same and has been stored in a cool place is still drinkable, the honey never goes bad, and the spices are still good years after the best before date (they just lose their aromatic power).

To measure your progress, do a food audit at the beginning of the week: be honest, and think about the small leftovers and expired products before you eat them… What type of food do you throw out the most? Why do you throw away most?

During the week, and afterwards, improve this aspect!

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