Table Ronde: How do I set up a ‘third place’ with my neighbours? (in FR) | 25.02.21 | 19h00 | online


Together with our partner ASTI, we are very pleased to host a virtual forum in February to discuss the need for and enrichment of communities through so-called “third places”.

Our social future is a shared responsibility and we therefore need inspiring places to discuss solutions. Think of the ‘third place’ of citizens as a ‘live’ social network. The strength of such an attractive third place is that it is (or can become) the visible soul, the beacon, of local engagement.

For the final event of our virtual forum on ‘Third Places’, we have planned a big evening with speakers who know the subject, to discuss the different practical aspects of third places:

What is needed to create a third place, how to overcome the obstacles, to perpetuate – make it come to life.

We’d like to invite you all to participate, and if you wish even to present your local initiatives – this might help other people to get started. The results of a survey conducted by ASTI on this subject are also presented.

Date: Thursday, 25.02.21 | 19h00

Admission: The participation is free but we’d like to ask you to register in advance in order for us to send you your participation link

Duration : +/- 1 1/2 heures

Location : en ligne

Language: French