Digital conference (in FR) | Local currencies: tools for societal transformation | 8.12.20 | 19h00

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In the face of economic, ecological or political crises, the local currency is a local solution to global disorder. It is a real tool for societal transformation, allowing citizens to reappropriate the economy to make it more humane, and to encourage the real economy.

During this conference, two local currencies will be presented:

  • The Beki (Canton of Rédange, Luxembourg
  • L’épi lorrain (Belgian Lorraine, Belgium

The Beki
The Beki, the first and currently the only local currency in Luxembourg, was created in 2013 and circulates in the canton of Rédange.
The beki is a creative and innovative alternative to the predominant economic system. Its aim is to enable every citizen, association, municipality or entrepreneur to participate in the realisation of this new form of economy, which is at the service of the citizens of the region.

The Lorraine Epi
The Epi lorrain, the very first local currency in Wallonia when it was created in 2011, is active in Belgian Lorraine, i.e. the territory from Florenville to Aubange and from Virton to Attert.Its aim is to enable citizens to support quality local commerce, with only businesses meeting certain social, economic and environmental criteria being authorised to accept the Epi.

More than 150,000 Epi currently circulate there, in the form of banknotes or electronics.

  • Speakers : Max Hilbert (Beki) and Vincent Thibaut (l’Epi lorrain)
  • Languages: French for presentations and exchange (questions in other languages possible)

Organised by Reconomy & CELL in the framework of Transition Days.

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