For “third places” of the inhabitants in our villages and neighbourhoods (in FR) | 23.02.21 | 12h15 | online

Together with our partner ASTI, we are very pleased to host a virtual forum in February to discuss the need for and enrichment of communities through so-called “third places”.

Our social future is a shared responsibility and we therefore need inspiring places to discuss solutions. Think of the ‘third place’ of citizens as a ‘live’ social network. The strength of such an attractive third place is that it is (or can become) the visible soul, the beacon, of local engagement.

In this first of three events, we will explain what a third place is and why it is interesting. We will present examples from Europe and Luxembourg, followed by a discussion session with the public to reflect together on the establishment of such places in the Grand Duchy.

Date: Tuesday, 23.02.21 | 12h15

Admission: Admission is free, but please register in advance so that we can send you a link to participate.

Duration: +/- 1 1/2 hours

Location: online

Language: French

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