Conference Low-Tech Lab: « Nomade des Mers, the world tour of low-tech innovation » (in French) | 19.11.20 | 19h30 | Bamhaus & online

©Benoit Stichelbaut pour Low-Tech Lab

The conference will be taking place in French.

We are very pleased that the Nomade des Mers team will take the time in November to give us an insight into their exciting project. They will be connected live from South America, where they are currently travelling. Their project started four years ago and will last until 2022:

In 2016, Le Nomade des Mers, catamaran ambassador of low-technologies, will leave the port of Concarneau (France) for 5 years of exploration around the world! As a platform for experimentation, a promotional support and a vector for dissemination, the Nomade des Mers aims to become an exemplary ecosystem, a standard bearer for sustainable and solidarity-based innovation.

At each port of call, the crew of the Nomade des Mers sets off in search of exemplary low-tech initiatives in terms of technical, economic, social and environmental aspects.

On board the catamaran, the team tests the low-tech discovered on a daily basis in order to demonstrate their potential or the need to optimise them.

Throughout the voyage, this extraordinary adventure offers an international stage for low-tech innovation thanks to the production of documentary films broadcast notably on the Franco-German channel ARTE.

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