The third place – an instrument for empowering and mobilising citizens (in FR) | 24.02.21 | 14h30 | online

Together with our partner ASTI, we are very pleased to host a virtual forum in February to discuss the need for and enrichment of communities through so-called “third places”.

Our social future is a shared responsibility and we therefore need inspiring places to discuss solutions. Think of the ‘third place’ of citizens as a ‘live’ social network. The strength of such an attractive third place is that it is (or can become) the visible soul, the beacon, of local engagement.

In this second of three events, we will talk about the impact of third places on citizenship and the local involvement of citizens, about the possibility of strengthening social ties, of proposing in villages a place of socialisation and citizen involvement accessible to all.

In addition, we will talk about third places from an architectural and urban planning point of view (I will not put the name of the speaker because they have not yet confirmed), and we will present tools for citizen participation in the municipalities.

We will then be divided into discussion groups to discuss the different aspects of the implementation of such places in the municipalities.

Date: Wednesday, 24.02.21 | 14h30

Admission: The participation is free but we’d like to ask you to register in advance so that we can send you the link to particpate.

Durée : +/- 2 heures

Place : online

Language: French

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