Conference Vandana Shiva | Activism & Self-Care: How to remain resilient while committing to a cause? | 16.01.21 | 14h30

We are very pleased to welcome the world-renowned Indian activist Dr. Vandana Shiva as a speaker for the Transition Days in January.

For decades, the winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize has campaigned in non-violent resistance for food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture. Shiva has thus become an icon of the anti-globalisation movement. “Instead of assigning a monetary value to nature, we should fight for it,” she writes in her new book “Creative Civil Disobedience” and thus strikes a chord with the Fridays for Future generation, which is also taking to the streets non-violently for its future and that of the planet.

In the framework of the Transition Days, Dr Shiva will address the issue of self-care in relation to activism. How can I stay resilient and still be committed to a cause – without burning myself out.

Date: Saturday, 16.01.21 |14h30

Speaker: Dr Vandana Shiva

Location: online

Language: English, translation possible (please let us know with your registration if you’d need a translation)

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