Digital Conference (in GER & FR) | Basic Income as an instrument for transition | 10.12.20 | 19h30

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Several national and regional experiments with Unconditional Basic Income all over the world have shown different facets of the positive impact of UBI on people’s social behaviour, health, stress, decision making, self-confidence, entrepreneurial drive and political acting. Despite the potential to facilitate the strongly needed transition in several areas of our societies, the implementation of a UBI seems far away.

This presentation proposes components of change and transition and highlights impediments and solutions towards the implementation of Unconditional Basic Income in Europe. It points out concrete facts and learnings that can be used for decision making and proposes elements of an incremental transition process.

Steven Strehl is the strategic director of the non-profit startup and think tank “Mein Grundeinkommen”. The organization finances experiments with Basic Income through crowdfunding. Its aim is to induce a broader societal discussion and to create new scientific evidence about the effects of Unconditional Basic Income. Until today, 700 yearly Unconditional Basic Incomes (1,000 EUR per month) have been raffled out to individuals in Germany.

They also finance a non-governmental pilot project in Germany: in three consecutive studies, the principles of Unconditional Basic Income will be researched. The first study consists of a randomised controlled experiment to investigate the individual and social effects of an additional €1,200 per month for 3 years. More than 2 Million German citizens have applied to take part.

  • Speaker: Steven Strehl (director ‘Mein Grundeinkommen’)
  • Languages : German for the presentation (with a simultaneous translation to French) / LU + DE + EN + FR for the exchange afterwards)

Organised by Reconomy & CELL in the framework of Transition Days.