EBL Digital Workshop: A healthy and environmentally friendly home office | 11.12.20 | 15h30 (in FR) & (in LU)

In this digital workshop of the Emweltberodung Lëtzebuerg, you will learn everything about a healthy and ecological home office.

Please register in advance for the workshop. You will receive a link the day of the workshop. The workshop will be held in French (15h30) and Luxembourgish (18h30)

Inscription atelier en FR (à 15h30):

Inscription atelier en LU (à 18h30):

  • Durable office equipment
    The objectives of the national “Ech Kafe Clever”! campaign are to identify environmentally and health-friendly office materials and actively promote their use. The campaign provides consumers with free lists and annual updates of environmentally and health-friendly office supplies.
  • Internet
    The “Grénge Web” initiative promotes a sustainable approach to the Internet and the digital world. Use of data, software, hardware, user behaviour… These are the key factors on which we focus. It is about considering digital data as a resource.
  • Everyday life
    Saving energy is among other things a question of attitude. A few small gestures in everyday office life to save energy and conserve resources.
  • Home Office
    More and more people are working at home. Is this a healthy and ecological solution? It depends on how you do it!

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