Join us for a docu-series on the themes of Transition Days 2024

Between February and May 2024, a screening of one film for each theme of the Transition Days Festival will be held throughout Luxembourg. Each theme will be represented by a short documentary presenting solutions around Food sovereignty, Respect of Living Systems, Economic transition, Democratic transition, Territories in transition, Energy Transition and Societal transition.

Each film will be followed by a workshop for reflection and debate with the attendees, as well as a graphic recording of the session. We will discuss a variety of questions related to the film, mainly how we can act and bring about change at our level in Luxembourg.

Transition of Territories

CELL and LUCA warmly welcome you for an evening of exploration and co-creation. Our evening will start with a screening of Seeds of Resilience a short film that follows the inspiring story of La Garrotxa, a region in northern Catalonia, Spain that has harnessed hope through collective intelligence of their community, pioneering the co-production of a plan for regional resilience, which they are now implementing. 

Following an oral and audiovisual telling of this incredible story, the regenerative strategists involved in the project will facilitate an interactive workshop, in which we invite you to dive deep into the framework and methodologies that helped spark and sustain regional resilience and regeneration. What lessons from the story in Catalan can we learn for us here in Luxembourg? Come and immerse yourself in a story of a resilience and regeneration.

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Project Partner : LUCA : Luxembourg Center for Architecture

When: Tuesday, May 14 2024 @ 18h30 , film and discussion in English
Where :
LUCA : 1er étage du Malt, 1 Rue de la Tour Jacob, 1831 Luxembourg

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Societal Transition

Across Indonesia, hundreds of rural communities are in conflict with corporations seeking control of their resources. When they push back, they face the wrath of the state. In « Our Mothers’ Land », from The Gecko Project and Mongabay, journalist Febriana Firdaus travels to meet women who have risen to lead social movement; facing violence, imprisonment, and judgement from conservative societies as they fight for their rights.

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Leo Plunkett (Director/Editor/Cinematographer), Febriana Firdaus – (Writer/Producer), Tom Johnson (Producer)
Year: 2020 | 55 min , Original Version, Subtitles in French and English

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Food Systems Transition and Respect of Living Systems

Summer 2023. 2 young filmmakers travelled through Europe visiting seed producers at their workplaces and experiencing first-hand how important it is to preserve this diversity in Europe. The short documentary gives a voice to these small-scale seed producers and seed savers from across Europe, with beautiful footage shot in Ireland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.

For diversity on our plates and in nature, we also need diversity in seeds. However, when we look at the selection available in supermarkets, including in the vegetable aisle, it quickly becomes clear that everything looks the same, almost all the time and all year round. Why is that? Because large corporations have power over the market. Now, however, EU seed legislation is being reformed – a chance to save seed diversity.

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When: Saturday, April 20, 2024 @ 10h00
– 10h – Tour of the exhibit “All you can eat” City Museum
– 11h15 – Film Projection SEEDS OF EUROPE @ Mesa Verde Restaurant
– 11h45 – Lunch @ Mesa Verde Restaurant (vegetarian buffet)
– 12h30 – Participatory Discussions

Where : City Museum, 14 Rue du St Esprit, 1475 Ville-Haute Luxembourg

Price for the event: 30€ to be paid by bank transfer: LU93 0019 5755 1553 5000 (BCEE)

Please indicate : Docu-série 2024 – seeds of Europe – 20.03.2024

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Energy Transition

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When: 2024 @
Where :

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Democratic Transition

After elections polluted by scandals and fake news, democracy and our political class continue to sink. Today, the necessary trust between citizens and representatives has completely disappeared. What can we do about it?

Director : Eric Baille
Year: 2017 | 72 mins , Original Version, French

When: Tuesday February 20, 2024 @ 20h00
Where : Ciné Le Paris, Bettembourg

Seats are limited seats.

Economic Transition

“Change the system, not the climate” is a common demand in the climate movement. But what kind of system do we actually want? In the midst of humanity’s worst crisis, the pioneers stand ready. Meet the new economic perspectives that have the potential to change the world at its core. The orginal meaning of the word ”economy” is “household management”. The economy of today however, is not householding, but rather consuming our finite natural resources at an alarming pace. “Outgrow the System” explores how we can return to the essence of the term and design an economic system that genuinely manages our scarce resources.s

Director and Producer Details : Cecilia Paulsson & Anders Nilsson
Year: 2023 | 58 mins , Original Version, English. Subtitled in French

When: Tuesday, March 5, 2024 @ 19h00
Where : Kinoler, Kahler

Seats are limited seats.