Challenge № 3 December | « Detox your budget »

The end of the year and the time for balance sheets is approaching. This one is not the most pleasant one but we all do it from time to time: this week we do our accountings.

Here we are adept at the good old method based on highlighters and printed statements – but feel free to choose your technique. 

What are we looking for? Expense items that we can make evolve: 

  • if you realise that you are spending 22€ per month on an insurance policy that you have in duplicate, this is the time to cancel it.
  • if you realise that you are no longer using the VOD service, you should cancel it.
  • if you realise that this regulation bill that is putting a strain on your budget is the same amount every year, you can set aside 1 twelfth of this amount each month
  • if the amount you spend in a particular area (leisure activities, restaurants, etc.) is greater than what you want to spend, it’s time to make good resolutions
  • if all goes well… well, all goes well, don’t change anything!

With the money you save, you will be able to relieve your budget for next year, or build up savings. If you’re lucky enough to have already set one up, place it at Etika! It’s a way to have your finances in line with your ideas:

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