Are We There Yet?

“Are We There Yet?” is an artistic research on/ with / in transition in the framework of Transition Days Luxembourg. “How to live together in a one planet world?” is the overall question this year’s Transition Days ask. While examining 9 different topics over a period of 9 months, such as food, energy or transport. Using the metaphor of a house – with 9 different rooms – to deal with these topics, it seemed accurate to take a look at these rooms from an artistic point of view. In order to allow another kind of access and to build a bridge to a more imaginative or metaphorical as well as to an assumed subjective analysis of these topics. Therefore, there will be 9 theme related artistic video works.

The artists have been chosen by Nora Wagner, on behalf of CELL (Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg) – the transition hub, based on her ambition to display the points of view of a diverse range of artists, competent in the field of the respective thematics.