Challenge № 2 December | « Switch to an ecological/social search engine »

When you search for information on the internet (the upcoming Transition Days programme, for example…), you type a few keywords in a window, hit enter and a list of results appears. 

What if we told you that by doing this, you can do a good deed, without adding a step, without giving money, without watching commercials? 

It sounds too good to be true, and yet at the time of writing this : 

  • Lilo gave 3 165 185 euros to NGOs
  • Ecosia planted 114,152,291 trees around the world 

These search engines are free, do not collect your data, and provide you with the same search results as the multi-coloured giant. The difference is that instead of rewarding shareholders, they invest all their revenues in projects that move the world in the right direction.

This week’s challenge couldn’t be simpler: click on the link of one of them, set it as your default search engine, and voilà!


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