VÉLORUTION 5 | 20.03.21 | 15h00 | Esch-sur-Alzette

The world vélorutuon is on its way!
Were you waiting for it? So were we!

The 5th Vélorution is coming back even stronger after difficult times! More than ever, it is necessary to use the bicycle as a means of transport, travel, sport and adventure!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the bicycle has been showing us the way. The number of urban cyclists has increased as never before. Some cities are accompanying the movement by setting up infrastructures, sometimes temporary. But temporary is often the best way to get (bad) habits out of the way for good.

Luxembourg has not yet made this choice, which is why we invite politicians to follow us, to improve our quality of life in the city!

This year, Vélorution 5 will cross the French border to Audun-le-Tiche, to highlight the problem of cross-border traffic and the lack of public transport and safe cycle paths! Audun is only 2km from Esch, the terrain is flat, but there are no facilities for cyclists. This is an aberration that can no longer be allowed to continue!

The route was not chosen at random, but represents the territory of the future European Capital of Culture 2022.

We’d also like to point the finger at the abolition of the Esch-Audun train line recently announced by the CFL, which will be replaced by buses that will contribute to road congestion and increased CO2 emissions. The visit to France will also be an opportunity to recall that the Vélorution is a movement that knows no borders, which wants more freedom, equality and fraternity on the road. And believe it or not, this 5th edition will mark the beginning of a worldwide bicycle race.

Indeed, Ivorian Vélorutionaires have contacted us to organise an event on the same day. In the middle of winter, this call from the tropics warmed our hearts. And since then, 6 or 7 other countries have joined the movement… and it’s not over yet. In short, March 20th is likely to become a historic day. Don’t miss it under any circumstances!

Small change, the departure and arrival of the V5 will take place at the @Pitcher in order to support the shopkeepers, hoping that by then the cafés will be reopened !! #supportyourlocals

In cooperation with Vélorution Esch, the Schefflenger Jugendhaus & Recycle Planet.

📅 20/03/2021
🕗 15h00
📍 Pitcher (64 Avenue de la Gare, 4130 Esch-sur-Alzette)
🎫 Participation gratuite

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