Challenge № 2 January | « Analyse your mental load »

Have you ever heard of mental load? This notion, which first appeared in the 1980s and regained popularity a few years ago, refers to the constant and unavoidable work of managing, organising and planning the smooth running of the home. Mental load is that list of things to do or not to forget that is constantly in your head.

You too are relieved to finally have a word for what you’re going through?

The comic book by the author Emma explains this mental load very well and how to recognise it:

This week’s challenge is easier said than done, but should allow everyone to identify if their mental load is too high. The idea is to read this comic book – because we tried to summarise it better than it did, but we didn’t succeed – and to analyse your mental load. 

One week will certainly not be enough to rethink what doesn’t suit you, but we would like to invite everyone to look at how things are going in their lives and talk about it with the people around them, in order to start a positive change for the future.

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