Challenge № 2 April | « Look up the ingredients of your beauty products »

In April, we are in the bathroom. So let’s take a look in our shelves and in our showers.

Even if we are not interested in beauty products, it is always interesting to know the composition of our products: to avoid paying to put water and plastic on our skin, to know how to recognise the quality of what we buy… Generally speaking, a few simple recommendations are enough to have an ecological and healthy bathroom:

  • give preference to organic cosmetics and short, understandable ingredient lists
    avoid all plastics and mineral oils (they usually end up as “icons” in the list of ingredients, such as dimethicone, silicone, etc.)
  • if you don’t want to bother reading long INCI lists, raw products are magic: a jar of shea butter, a pot of marseille soap and basta!
  • be especially careful with sunscreen in summer! Chemical filters and ingredients are an ecological disaster.

To really understand what we put on our skin, several applications exist such as Yuka or INCI beauty. They allow you to familiarise yourself with the not very clear names of the ingredients.

The website is extremely complete and allows you to search by ingredient. Test one or two ingredients in your shower gel, shampoo or other cosmetic product.

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